By NewsDesk  @bactiman63

The spread of dengue is progressing gradually within the national territory of Paraguay, according to the Ministry of Health.

Image/Robert Herriman

To date, there are a total of 7,285 confirmed (692) and suspected cases. The largest number of people affected by the virus is located in the northern axis, mainly in Concepción (229) and in the Chaco Axis: Pdte. Hayes (169) and Alto Paraguay (122) and Boquerón (32).

DEN-2 is the dengue serotype that predominates in the country and according to historical data, it is the one that caused the greatest severity of cases at the country level and in the region. In Concepción and Boquerón, co-circulation of serotypes DEN-2 and DEN-4 is observed, and DEN-2 and DEN-1 in Asunción.

In recent days, cases were identified in Central (Limpio), Alto Paraguay (Carmelo Peralta), Caazapá (Gral. Higinio Morínigo) and Canindeyú (Saltos del Guairá and Nueva Esperanza), in all of them circulation of DEN-2 was identified.

In the last four weeks, 2,636 notifications of suspected cases were recorded, equivalent to an average of 659 per week.

Currently they are considered “red zones”: Central with more than 900 notifications, while Asunción, Pdte. Hayes, Alto Paraná, Concepción, Paraguarí and Alto Paraguay show notifications above 100 accumulated in the last four weeks.

Citizens are urged to continue with the daily tasks of control and elimination of mosquito breeding sites in the home and work environment, as well as in recreational spaces, on a daily basis. It is recommended to use mosquito net to sleep and repellent in outdoor activities as a protection measure.

Likewise, it is requested to pay attention in case of having a high fever, drowsiness, abdominal pain or bleeding, these are signs that should alert you to the need to go to a medical consultation immediately.