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The Paraguay Ministry of Health reports in the last 3 weeks, 1,768 cases of chikungunya have been recorded at the country level. 53% of the cases are concentrated in four regions: Central (253), mostly in Luque, San Lorenzo and Limpio; also in Asunción (338), Guairá (183) and Amambay (172).

On the other hand, it is observed that several regions report increases in cases, such as Caaguazú, Itapúa, Guairá, Misiones, Boquerón, Paraguarí, Canindeyú and Caazapá.

The most affected age groups are; those from 0 to 4 years, representing 9% of the total cases, followed by 25 to 29 years and 30 to 34 years.

Regarding dengue, 712 cases have been reported in the last three weeks. The regions with the most cases are: Central, Asunción, Boquerón, Presidente Hayes, Cordillera and Concepción. Caazapá has not registered cases in the last week.

The regions that report an increase in cases in recent weeks are: Asunción, Presidente Hayes, Concepción, Boquerón and Guairá.

The circulating serotypes in the country are DEN 1 and DEN 2, with a slight predominance of DEN 2.

Since the beginning of the epidemic, 263 deaths confirmed by chikungunya and 5 confirmed by dengue have been reported. Comorbidities are reported in 73% of the deceased.

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The sex most reported is male (58%). They predominate in all age groups, except those under 1 year of age and over 80.

Since the beginning of the outbreak in October 2022 to date, there are 90,709 chikungunya cases registered at the country level, with more than 40,000 cases reported in Central and nearly 20,000 cases reported in Asunción.

Concerning dengue, officials have reported 5,538 cases since the beginning of the year nationwide. 56 percent of the cases correspond to three regions: Central (1402), Boqueron (1024) and Asunción (652).