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While South America was the last continent to report a novel coronavirus, or COVID-19 case in late February in Brazil, the numbers are now starting to add up.

South America/CIA

One of the latest countries to report a case in Paraguay.

On Saturday, Minister of Health Julio Mazzoleni reported (computer translated) on the first case in a 32-year-old patient from Ecuador who is in home quarantine, and under the supervision of the General Directorate of Health Surveillance.

All personnel who were in contact with this person, as well as their families are monitored, making a mapping and contact with each of them.

The Minister explained the need to implement security measures. “We have informed about the need to insist with hand washing, the cough label (coughing in the flexion of the elbow). The use of tapabocas is exclusive for people with respiratory symptoms, to protect the rest who have any symptoms, ”he said.

The head of the health portfolio said that those countries with effective response have done with the collaboration of the press and citizens. “Handle the information correctly with due respect for the discretion of all people and that the information be restricted only to the Ministry of Health to have one of the most important weapons in the fight against the coronavirus: the collaboration of people” he indicated.

For those people who have been in countries where the virus circulates, they are urged to provide information to monitor and protect the population and move forward in mitigating cases.

“The Emergency Operation Center will give daily reports to potential cases, our efforts are aimed at preventing the circulation of the virus for as long as possible. We are in the mitigation phase, ”he concluded.

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Elsewhere in Latin America:


In a follow-up on the Ecuador situation, as of March 7, the confirmed cases of coronavirus in Ecuador amounted to fourteen (14), the health ministry reports.

In relation to the 14 cases in Ecuador, 90% of people have mild symptoms. They have no complications and do not need hospitalization.

Only the older adult who was the first case remains in intensive care and with a reserved prognosis.


The Argentina Ministry of Health reports (computer translated) nine COVID-19 cases through Saturday, including the first death on the continent.

The death was reported in a 64-year-old patient, a resident of the City of Buenos Aires, who begins with fever, cough and sore throat on 02/28. As background, he presented diabetes, hypertension, chronic bronchitis and renal failure. On 04/03, he consulted in a public effector in the City of Buenos Aires, he was admitted to an intensive care unit, requiring mechanical respiratory assistance. The patient dies on 03/07/2020. It presents as a previous trip to Europe, returning to the country on 02/25. Currently the jurisdiction is conducting epidemiological research, for the detection of close contacts.

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Chile health authorities reported the first COVID-19 case on Mar. 3 in a 33-year-old who recently spent one month travelling through various countries in Southeast Asia, specifically Singapore.

The case count has since risen to seven in the country.

President Sebastián Piñera called for calm on Tuesday following confirmation of the first case of coronavirus in the country in the city of Talca.

“I want to send a message for calm to my fellow Chileans. From the moment we first became aware of this virus, we have been following all recommendations issued by the WHO to protect the health of every citizen.  We are prepared to competently face this epidemic,” said the President.

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In addition to the above countries, cases have been reported in the following countries: Brazil (19), Peru (6), Costa Rica (5) and Colombia (1).

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