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The general director of Health Surveillance, announced today the confirmation of three positive cases of the variant of concern of Omicron, in travelers from Cancun, after performing the sequencing samples at the Central Laboratory of Public Health.

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Epidemiological monitoring of all cases is being carried out, as well as their respective contacts, who are currently in quarantine. “They are young people with an average age of 18 years and all three have been vaccinated,” said Dr. Sandra Irala.

She expressed the importance that those who plan to travel abroad, find out where they will go, evaluate the epidemiological situation and if there is a high circulation of the Omicron variant to avoid contagion. “There is a recommendation to avoid traveling to countries where there is high circulation”.

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She insisted on the importance of vaccination, since it has been proven that it reduces the probability of hospitalizations and deaths. She also pointed out the need to reduce crowds to avoid the massive spread of this variant.