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The Paraguay Ministry of Health reported today that approximately 700 dengue fever notifications a week to date, prompting calls for the public to eliminate breeding sites and use protection barriers to avoid mosquito bites.

Image/Robert Herriman

In addition, health officials reported the second dengue-related death in a 81-year-old individual with cancer from Presidente Franco, Alto Paraná.

To prevent other lives from being affected by the disease, the elimination of mosquito breeding sites is urgently needed to stop the spread of the virus, therefore it is important to intensify the work to eliminate breeding sites in homes, workplaces and recreation sites. This practice should be done on a daily basis throughout the year.

Faced with persistent fever or manifestation of alarm signs: vomiting, abdominal pain, mucosal bleeding, extreme weakness and drowsiness, it is urged to go to the nearest health service, complying with the health protocol.

According to the Pan American Health Organization, Paraguay has reported 2935 total dengue cases in 2021, although it doesn’t specify for how many weeks.

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