By NewsDesk  @infectiousdiseasenews

Health officials with the the Eleventh Sanitary Region have reported 45 COVID-19 cases associated with the Luque supermarket, El Cacique.

Image/Robert Herriman

Health director, Roque Silva said more than 90% of the cases of Covid-19 active in the city of Luque , Central Department, arose from the outbreak at the supermarket.

“Inside the supermarket there was a very close contact between the patrons. The first person who was the carrier presented a fever for three days, without going to see a healthcare provider,” he said.

As a result, about 400 local employees will be subjected to the sample to rule out or confirm more diagnoses.

The supermarket closed its doors temporarily and went to sanitary quarantine for 15 days, from this Monday, July 13 to July 26.

Paraguay health officials reported an additional 94 COVID-19 cases, bringing the country total to 3074, including 25 deaths.