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The Paraguay Health Ministry reports there are 58 new confirmed cases of Delta, bringing a total of 141 cases. Of the new confirmed, eight are with a complete vaccination scheme (two doses) and 25 with partial vaccination (one dose). No deceased is reported.

On the other hand, the number of COVID-19 cases continues to decline, practically 36% less compared to the previous week. This decline has been sustained for several weeks, what is expected is that it can be sustained for a long time, before a next wave.

Asunción and Central, areas where the majority of the country’s population is found, have presented more than 90% positive COVID-19 decline in the last eight weeks. Likewise, in the different departments of the national territory, the decrease in infections is observed. 

There are districts that do not present positive reports of the virus, as well as the department of Ñeembucú. 

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Currently, no district is in level four or red zone of community transmission (very high), but there are three districts in level three (high), 14 districts in level two and 241 districts with a very low level of community transmission. 

The risk of regrowth or increase in cases is very low throughout the country. Regarding the positivity of the virus, of the tests that are carried out, nine departments are below 5%, seven departments are with levels greater than 5%, but less than 25%. Meanwhile, the Amambay department is with more than 15% positivity. Ideally, keep your positivity below 5%.