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According to the updated Arbovirus report, an increase in dengue notifications has been observed in the last two weeks. This increase is evident in Asunción and the Central department, mainly in the districts of San Lorenzo and Lambaré.

Image/Robert Herriman

The ministry added that a total of 348 notifications of dengue fever have been reported in Paraguay during the last three weeks with an average of 116 cases per week.

It is estimated DEN-4 will persist as the predominant serotype.

The head of Health Surveillance, Guillermo Sequera, recalled that between the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020, Paraguay faced one of the largest dengue epidemics in the last ten years. He indicated that for this year a smaller epidemic is expected, taking into account the historical ones. “It is very likely that the epidemic is not as big as the last one,” he said, and indicated that once the rainy season begins, it is not ruled out that cases will skyrocket.

He noted that the beginning of the new dengue epidemic will occur when the number of notifications nationwide exceeds 200 for a period of three consecutive weeks.

In order to reduce the rates of larval infestation and, consequently, the proliferation of dengue, it is necessary to intensify the control and elimination of hatcheries in the communities, mainly in this interepidemic stage.