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The average of notifications of  dengue fever reached 84 in the last three weeks, according to the recent Arbovirus Surveillance report of the General Directorate of Health Surveillance.

Aedes aegypti/CDC

The report indicates a slight increase in notifications of suspected dengue in seven regions of the country, that is, in Central, Asunción, Caaguazú, Paraguarí, Canindeyú, Itapúa and Boquerón. 

So far this year, Paraguay reports 12,836 notifications of suspected dengue, of which 1,966 cases are confirmed.

A reduction in the circulation of the virus is observed in 6 districts of the Central department: in Ñemby, Guarambaré, Ypacaraí, Villeta, Nueva Italia and Ypané, as well as in Misiones and Amambay, departments that have not registered notifications in the last three weeks.

In the country, of a total of 254 districts, 59 registered arbovirus notifications in the last three weeks.

In Asunción, 11 neighborhoods have a single suspicion notification, 5 neighborhoods with two notifications, while the San Pablo neighborhood has 6 notifications.

The predominant serotype in the national territory is DEN-2, identified in 17 health regions. Concepción and Boquerón have co-circulation of DEN-2 and DEN-4. Asunción and Itapúa with co-circulation of DEN-2 and DEN-1.

Citizens are encouraged not to relax in environmental control actions. It is essential to inspect the home periodically and remove any disused objects that may accumulate water and serve as a breeding ground for the mosquito that transmits dengue and other Arboviruses. It is also advisable to cover tanks, drums or buckets that contain water that will be used.

As a measure of protection against mosquito bites, use repellent and mosquito net.

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