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The weekly dengue bulletin published by the Secretary of State for Health in Paraná, Brazil confirms 1,836 new cases of the disease and three deaths. The data accumulated in the epidemiological period, which started in August last year, registered 16,679 confirmed cases and 22 deaths, in addition to 72,775 notifications, 32,680 discarded cases and 13,385 under investigation.


In Paraná, 358 municipalities have notifications for dengue and 267 have confirmed cases.

The three new deaths in this period refer to a 71-year-old woman from the municipality of Matelândia (West) with comorbidities, and a 91-year-old man and a 79-year-old woman, both without comorbidities and residents of Londrina (North) . The deaths were recorded on April 28, April 12 and May 2, respectively.

According to the bulletin, the cities that registered death in Paraná since August last year are Paranaguá (2), Matelândia (1), Foz do Iguaçu (3), Paraíso do Norte (1), Santo Antônio do Caiuá (1) , Maringá (1), Apucarana (1), Alvorada do Sul (1), Assaí (1), Cambé (2) and Londrina (8).

Measures to combat the disease involve the elimination of all points that can accumulate standing water such as plant pots, gutters, slabs, drains, among others. These actions must be daily, both in the home environment and in the workplaces and public areas.

The Secretary of State for Health recommends constant checking of backyards and internal areas of residences for the elimination of breeding grounds for the dengue mosquito, Aedes aegypti.

“The work to combat dengue continues to be integrated with the municipalities, together with the participation of Paraná people. About 90% of the breeding grounds for the mosquito that transmits the disease are in the backyards and internal environments of the homes. It is important that the community is engaged in the fight, eliminating outbreaks that are concentrated in containers that accumulate standing water ”, says Health Secretary, Beto Preto.