It doesn’t matter what’s your status in life, crabs can be found on anyone, anywhere.

The pubic louse, Phthirus pubis, is typically found on pubic hair, but can also be found in armpit hair, eyebrows or mustaches and beards. It is strictly a human infection; you cannot get them from animals.

They get the nickname “crabs” from its appearance in the adult or nymph stage. They have six legs with the two front ones having the resemblance of pincher claws.

Giardiasis is a diarrheal illness caused by the parasite Giardia intestinalis (also known as Giardia lamblia or Giardia duodenalis).

It is the most common intestinal parasite found in humans in the United States. Globally, it infects nearly 2% of adults and 6% to 8% of children in developed countries and nearly 33% of people in developing countries have had giardiasis.

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It was first described in the 1960’s in a 29 year old schoolteacher in Northern Luzon in the Philippines. He had diarrhea for 3 weeks prior to admission to the Philippine General Hospital, Manila. He suffered from chronic alcoholism, recurrent ascites, emaciation, and cachexia and died a week after hospitalization.

At autopsy, a large number of worms were recovered from the intestines, but the parasite was not identified to species at the time.

In the mid-1960’s, a Catholic missionary in Tagudin Ilocos Sur, Central Luzon, noticed an unusual amount of deaths from chronic gastroenteritis in the village of Pudoc West and notified authorities.

This roundworm is endemic in the Philippines and in Thailand; and cases have been reported from Egypt, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. Isolated cases have been seen in Columbia, India and Iran.

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