The Parkinson’s Disease Foundation® (PDF®) is calling upon communities around the US to join the team working to #EndParkinsons during April’s Parkinson’s Awareness Month. PDF urges people with Parkinson’s, their loved ones, scientists and health professionals, all of whom are critical to ending the disease, to take an active role this April by using the #EndParkinsons toolkit, available at

Parkinson's Awareness Month 2016 Image/Parkinson’s Disease Foundation
Parkinson’s Awareness Month 2016
Image/Parkinson’s Disease Foundation

PDF estimates that seven to 10 million people worldwide are living with Parkinson’s disease. While there is promising research, there is currently no cure. PDF is mobilizing a diverse team that includes scientists, health professionals and people impacted by Parkinson’s, to find one. The PDF #EndParkinsons campaign recognizes the important contributions of all team members and empowers them to take an active role in creating a world without Parkinson’s disease.

“During April, we can make the world take notice of Parkinson’s, but we cannot do it alone,” said Karen Smith of Evansville, IN, Vice Chair of PDF’s People with Parkinson’s Advisory Council. “I urge my fellow patient advocates, their families and the scientists and health professionals in the field, to join the team by utilizing PDF’s free resources. We need your help, whether it is by hanging a free poster or educating your community, to bring us closer to a cure.”

The community is invited to use the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation’s free toolkit to:

“At PDF, we know that ending Parkinson’s disease is a team effort,” said PDF President Robin Anthony Elliott. “We need the scientists who are so diligently seeking new treatments and cures; we need the health professionals who are improving lives on the front lines each and every day; and we need the people with Parkinson’s and those who love them, who are advocating to move the cause forward. Together, we can end Parkinson’s disease.”

To order tools from the PDF #EndParkinsons campaign, including a free poster, tree ribbon and social media badge, contact PDF at (800) 457-6676 or [email protected] or visit Stay tuned to daily happenings during Parkinson’s Awareness Month by following PDF on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

About Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease is a progressive neurological disorder that affects nearly one million people in the US. Although promising research is being conducted, there is currently no cure for Parkinson’s disease.