Canned fish products from Chinese company TROPICAL FOOD MANUFACTURING (NINGBO) Co. Ltd. are being pulled from the shelves in Peru after the detection of parasitic worms (anisakid nematodes) in a lot of Entero de Caballo en Salsa of Tomato, according to a SANIPES press release (computer translated).


The health warning was issued as this contaminated product puts the health of the consumers at risk. For this reason, SANIPES (El Organismo Nacional de Sanidad Pesquera or The National Fisheries Health Agency) has decided to prohibit the importation of all products from
TROPICAL FOOD MANUFACTURING (NINGBO) Co. Ltd. until the Health Authority of China demonstrates that it can guarantee the safety of those products.

Sushi, sashimi and worms, oh my!

SANIPES invokes the distributors, marketers, supermarkets, markets and grocery stores that have a stock of preserves manufactured by TROPICAL FOOD MANUFACTURING (NINGBO) Co., Ltd. -which is sold under several trademarks- that do not continue with the offer and sale of these products.

Consumers can check on the back of the canned brand if it is a product of the Chinese company.