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The Peru Ministry of Health (Minsa) issued an epidemiological alert to public and private health facilities nationwide due to the increase in cases and occurrence of dengue outbreaks in the country.

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To date, 58,117 cases and 75 deaths have been reported. This compares to the 30,873 cases and 28 deaths reported during the same period in 2021.

Health officials say the most affected regions include Piura, Loreto, San Martín, Junín, Cajamarca, Ucayali, Cusco, Amazonas, Huánuco and Madre de Dios.

The transmitting mosquito Aedes aegypti is reported to be scattered in 22 regions, 94 provinces and 528 districts of the country. Piura and Madre de Dios have high cumulative incidence rates that reach 175 people affected for every 100,000 inhabitants.

According to clinical form, 87.53% (50,870) of the cases correspond to dengue without warning signs, 12.14% (7,054) to dengue with warning signs, and 0.33% (193) to severe dengue. . The national fatality rate is 0.13%.

It should be noted that the persistence of dengue transmission is due to environmental, geographic, and social determinants, high population migrations to and from endemic sites, lack of drinking water, inadequate water storage, among other factors that constitute a risk. high for the presence of buds.

In addition, dengue has presented a seasonal behavior that coincides with the rainy season in the Amazon regions and with the summer season on the coast of the country.

In this way, the Minsa recommends that the population put into practice prevention measures such as washing and brushing the containers where water is stored, correctly covering the containers and allowing the entry of health personnel to apply larvicide in the water tanks and perform the fumigation.

In the presence of symptoms such as high fever, muscle pain, joint pain, eye pain, nausea, rash or bleeding, the patient should go to the nearest health center to receive immediate care . Avoid self-medication.

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