A Spanish language media report states (computer translated) the following concerning the dengue fever outbreak in Peru: “The outbreak seems out of control, amid efforts by the authorities”.

Aedes aegypti/CDC
Aedes aegypti/CDC

Through May 2017, Peru has reported more dengue-related fatalities (54) than reported in all of 2016 (41) or 2015 (52), according to the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO).

28 of the deaths this year have been reported in Piura.

A total of 44,971 dengue fever cases have been seen in the country to date, while 26,453 cases were reported in all of 2016. Dengue serotypes 2 and 3 are currently circulating in the country.

PAHO admitted in mid-May that Peru has lowered its watch in recent years to control dengue: “The vector control in recent years has not been as strong as it should have been … In a country where dengue fever is endemic, there must be a very comprehensive control. In recent years, perhaps, “Said Raúl González, PAHO’s representative in Peru.

“This is not a pandemic, we can not confuse the terms. It is an epidemic that is controlled,” he said by mid-May, Health Minister Patricia Garcia, calling for calm to the population.

The spread of the disease has also had political consequences. This week, the Fujimorist opposition announced that it will challenge the minister in the Congress for what it considers a bad management of the epidemic.