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On April 14, the National Center for Disease Epidemiology, Prevention, and Control Peru, issued an epidemiological alert for the health services of Metropolitan Lima and Callao due to the increase in the trend of dengue cases, in order to adopt prevention and control measures, as well as proper care and monitoring of the dengue patients with warning signs and severe dengue.

On February 8, an alert had already been issued due to the intensification of the transmission of dengue in the country, due to the increase in cases and deaths from dengue, and on the 23rd of the same month, a health emergency was declared due to a dengue outbreak in 59 districts of 13 regions of the country for a period of 90 calendar days.

On March 16, the National Study of the El Niño Phenomenon changed the status of “Vigilance of Coastal El Niño” to “Coastal El Niño Alert”, forecasting rainfall above normal for the April-June quarter in the north and central coast, as well as in the northern sierra and western center of the country.

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At the national level, until April 13, 43,121 confirmed and probable cases have been reported, with an upward trend. These figures include 42 deaths, of which 34 are confirmed and 8 are under investigation.

The deaths were registered in the departments: Ucayali (9), San Martín (8), Piura (7), Ica (6), Junín (4),  Amazonas (2), Cajamarca (1), Loreto (1), Madre de Dios (1), Huánuco (1), Cusco (1), Lambayeque (1), with a national mortality rate of 0.10%.

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Of the 24 regions of the country, 20 report cases of dengue, including the department of Lima with 37 districts reporting at least one case of dengue.

The four Directorates of Integrated Health Networks (DIRIS) of Metropolitan Lima and the Callao Regional Health Management have an upward trend in the number of cases. In the country, during 2023 and to date, 77 outbreaks were reported of dengue, of which 14 belong to the DIRIS of Lima and Callao.

The Aedes aegypti mosquito is found in 22 departments, 94 provinces and 538 districts throughout
national level, higher number of infested districts compared to the previous year. In Metropolitan Lima, 41 of the 43 districts report the presence of Aedes aegypti, with the exception of the districts of Magdalena del Mar and Punta Negra; and in regards to the Region Callao, the seven districts register the presence of the vector.

According to the National Institute of Health, the circulating serotypes of the Dengue virus currently
in Lima they are DENV-1, DENV-2 and, to a lesser extent, DENV-3.

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