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Earlier this week, Peru Minister of Health, Pilar Mazzetti Soler addressed the work of health personnel and medical professionals in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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She said the work of health personnel and medical professionals in general has stood out for their dedication and commitment, assuming the great responsibility of caring for and paying attention to people who fell ill from the Covid-19 in our country.

Before the pandemic, 32,072 doctors worked in the public health system, with 100% attendance at their work center. As of November of this year, 20, 756 have face-to-face work, which constitutes 65% of all medical professionals in the public health system. The difference is determined by the doctors who, in some cases, perform remote work and in others, are on leave.

To date, there are 949,391 people who have been discharged. This has been possible thanks to the group of health professionals and technicians.

In these interventions, we regret the death of 256 doctors due to Covid – 19 and to date 62 doctors are hospitalized and many of them are on mechanical ventilation. These doctors spared no effort, time, or dedication. We acknowledge your example and commitment. Peru recognizes the group of professionals and technicians who gave their lives to save lives.

Throughout the pandemic, which we have lived through and will continue to live for a while longer, there have been specific cases of medical personnel who have not complied with the required productivity in the hours of work provided, not doing remote work and if providing care in private health entities.

As established by current regulations, the cases are being individualized and investigated, as well as the legal responsibilities that they give rise to.

At no time has it been intended to offend, but to point out the importance of a doctor who indicates that he cannot attend the hospital, perform other professional activities.

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If the term “treason to the fatherland” as a qualification for this observed professional misconduct has bothered the union representatives and directors of the Medical College, it is good and necessary to withdraw that qualification.

I confirm that failure to comply with the assigned work and health responsibility is ANTI-ETHICAL CONDUCT.

The dedication, commitment and sacrifice that health personnel have always shown will continue to be an example that will leave a mark on the future of our health system, and in the role entrusted as Minister of Health, they must invoke reflection on those who have incurred in the faults detected, which, as I pointed out, will be investigated and sanctioned with strict adherence to current labor law.

Together we can make the course of this pandemic change, today more than ever we must be united. Our compatriots demand it.

Peru reported 1,017,199 confirmed cases in 2020, including 37,724 deaths.

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