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The Ministry of Health (Minsa) projects that by July of this year there will be enough vaccines against COVID-19 to apply to 61% of the elderly residents in the country, informed Minister Óscar Ugarte during his presentation in the Special Commission Emergency Monitoring and Disaster Risk Management.

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Accompanied by the president of the Council of Minister, Violeta Bermúdez, Minister Ugarte explained that for this month the arrival of 117,000 Pfizer brand vaccines sent by Covax Facility is expected, while, in March, 2 million Sinopharm will arrive, 250 000 from Pfizer and 400,000 from AstraZeneca.

In April, Peru will receive 3 million from Sinopharm and 800,000 from Pfizer; while in May it will be 3 million from Sinopharm and 2 350,000 from Pfizer; in June, 6 million from Sinopharm, 2,350,000 from Pfizer and 1,200,000 from AstraZeneca; and in July, 5 million from Sinopharm and 2.6 million from Pfizer.

“These planned shipments will allow us to cover 61% of the population, provided that the laboratories manage to meet their commitments,” said Ugarte, who pointed out that the cold chain for these vaccines is assured, since even in areas without electricity, they have distributed 1100 solar freezers.

To date, Peru has recorded 1,269,523 confirmed cases, including 44,690 deaths.

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