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New COVID-19 strain

Peru’s Minister of Health, Pilar Mazzetti, announced that the presence of the European variant of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus has been detected in the city of Lima and urged the population to be more rigorous in complying with the physical distancing measures to prevent the spread of the disease.


The first case detected is a citizen residing in Lima, who is in home quarantine. Two other cases among her relatives are undergoing the sequencing technique. “We are expanding the circle by looking for more cases. The truth is that we already have the variant of COVID-19 in Peru, “said Mazzetti.

The minister explained that this variant of the coronavirus is more contagious, but that it can be avoided by following the same prevention measures. “Our behavior is the most important thing to avoid contagion,” he warned.

“There is no magic pill here, there is no self-medication, what we have to avoid is contagion with a good use of the mask -covering up to the nose-, avoiding crowds, closed and crowded places, and with constant hand hygiene”, she recommended.

In addition, she indicated that the vaccines that Peru has acquired are effective against this new variant of COVID-19.

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Dexamethasone warning

The Ministry of Health also warned self-medication with dexamethasone by people with COVID-19 could affect their health, generate complications that require their admission to Intensive Care Units (ICU) and even cause death.

“The unnecessary use of dexamethasone can reduce the response capacity of our body’s defenses, which is essential to face the attack of any virus. Added to this are effects such as weight gain, fluid retention, swelling, weakening of bones, muscle atrophy, increased blood pressure and increased sugar levels in diabetics ”, explained specialists from Digemid.

“In case of feeling any discomfort or suspecting that the disease has been contracted, go to the nearest health center, where the doctor will evaluate your case and determine the treatment to follow, which must be to comply with it respecting the prescribed doses.”

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COVID-19 vaccines

Health officials clarified to the public that, by law, the distribution and application of the emergency vaccine against COVID-19 will be free for all those inhabitants of the national territory over 18 years of age who wish to obtain it.

Through Monday, Peru has reported 1,037,350 confirmed COVID-19 cases, including 38,335 deaths.