By NewsDesk  @bactiman63

During this Easter weekend, Peru health officials are recommending the use of a double mask to contain the spread of the Brazilian variant of COVID-19, especially in crowded places, such as markets and public transport.


“Cloth masks are less protective than surgical ones and can even increase the risk of infection due to humidity, the diffusion of liquids and the retention of the virus,” said Luis Pampa, an infectious disease doctor from the National Institute of Health (INS).

The specialist stated that they are no longer a sufficient preventive measure to stop SARS-CoV-2, since they may not be well made, not achieve a good fit or have holes through which the virus could enter; therefore, it does not represent security.

He suggested using a KN95 mask that has a good fit and filtration; or two simple surgical masks for greater effectiveness, or a surgical mask under a cloth.
He stressed that the masks should cover the mouth, nose and chin, since the new variants of the virus generate a higher viral load in spaces without ventilation, so sanitary measures have to be taken extreme, especially if you plan to go on this holiday long for Easter to a store supplying basic necessities, supermarkets, markets, traveling markets, warehouses and pharmacies.

The latest from the Ministry of Health is 1,568,345 total COVID-19 cases have been reported, including 52,331 deaths.