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According to reports from the CDC Peru, in the inland department of Ucayali, 1,272 dengue fever cases were reported in the month of January, Considering that 5,388 cases were registered in all of last year, this indicates an increase in cases. The districts with the most cases are Callería (535 cases), Yarinacocha (256), Manantay (239) and Padre Abad (74).

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This has prompted the launch of the Anti-Dengue Battalion, initiative of the Ucayali Regional Health Directorate (Diresa) , in coordination with the Ministry of Health (Minsa) comprised of more than 150 individuals who will carry out activities of vector control, abatement, elimination of mosquito breeding sites, and awareness-raising in different homes in the Ucayali region.

Regional Governor of Ucayali, Manuel Gambini Rupay said, “The intervention of the battalion will be fundamental in this first stage of the fight against dengue. They will do a great job, but we need the community to open their doors to eliminate the mosquito. ”

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For his part, the regional health director, Rocío Villavicencio Cuenca, indicated that this campaign is possible thanks to the joint work of the Dengue Committee, made up of the different areas of the Diresa Ucayali, with the participation of health networks, micro-networks and health establishments.
“We have reactivated the Dengue Committee, a work team that is articulating actions with other sectors such as municipalities and other institutions to raise awareness in the community and reduce the indicators of the disease,” he said.