On the Sunday, Mar. 22 Outbreak News This Week Radio Show, a Tampa-based talk radio program that delves into the news and information on all issues concerning infectious diseases and public health, I talked to two great guests to discuss the following topics–Pet health and a disturbing study about young kids making their own sexual content online, in addition to going over the infectious news of the day from the website, Outbreak News Today.

Photo/Robert Herriman
Photo/Robert Herriman

During the first half, I spent some time with BluePearl Veterinary Partner’s of Clearwater veterinary internist, Dr Melinda Larson discussing keeping our pets healthy and safe. With National Poison Prevention Week just past, Dr Larson talked about some of the toxic risks found here in Florida and in every household–bufo toads, sago palms, marijuana and chocolate were some of the pet dangers we looked at.

In addition, Larson answered questions on rabies vaccination, heartworm testing and other tests that vets use to keep our animal companions healthy.

During the second half, Executive Director for the National Center on Sexual Exploitation, Dawn Hawkins joined me to talk about a new study, a disturbing study that shows an increasing trend of young children, some 10 years old and younger, that are producing their own sexual content online using a webcam. Hawkins talks about the “pornification of our culture’ and the harm it is doing to our children.

LISTEN to the complete podcast below:

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