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In Davao City, the City Health Office (CHO) has warned the public of a rise i dengue fever cases recently.

Aedes aegypti/CDC

CHO Tropical Diseases Prevention and Control Unit Coordinator, Beth Banzon said the city’s dengue cases climbed from 102 in May to 133 in June this year. In addition, five dengue related fatalities have been reported.

Banzon reminded the public to eliminate mosquito breeding sites by constantly cleaning their surroundings, and properly disposing of their garbage, especially plastics and bottles which is a contributing factor to attract dengue-carrying mosquitos.

She also cited that the first to three days of fever could be an indication of dengue while the fourth to sixth days are critical since other symptoms such as nose bleeding, stomachache, rashes, dehydration, and vomiting blood would start to manifest.

She also said drinking a lot of fluids could help address dehydration.


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