Increased rainfall recently with standing water becoming the perfect breeding areas for the mosquito has caused dengue cases to increase in Cotabato City, health officials note.

Bite by an Aedes mosquito. This species transmits dengue and Zika.

Currently, the City Epidemiology & Surveillance Unit has recorded 105 dengue cases from January to March 29 this year, including one fatality. This is 37 percent higher compared to last year’s 22 cases at this time. Out of the total cases, 98 people here were admitted to hospital due to dengue.

The City Health Office and the Department of Health (DOH) urges the public to use the 4S Strategy to avoid dengue. These are the following:

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1S – Search and destroy mosquito breeding places. Find and eradicate places where dengue can home such as water reservoirs such as old tires, old burns etc.

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2S – Seek early consultation. Consult a doctor immediately if you feel a symptom of dengue.

3S – Self protection method. Protect yourself from illness by wearing long sleeve clothes and pants especially when outside the house.

Use insect repellant and mosquito net for additional protection. Also make sure the windows and doors of the house have a screen so that mosquitoes don’t enter.

4S – Support fogging and spraying. Local government units are carrying out smoke in barangays to eradicate mosquito nests.