At least 1,080 food poisoning cases were reported to Surigao Sur PDRRMO covering the LGUs of Tago, Tandag City, Cagwait, Marihatag & Bayabas, according to PDRRM officer Abel de Guzman, according to the Surigao del Sur Information Center today.

Durian fruit/Public domain image by Tomwsulcer
Durian fruit/Public domain image by Tomwsulcer

Of the 1,080 cases, 438 were already assessed & evaluated at Adela Serra Memorial Medical Center while 483 cases were assessed & evaluated at the Social Hall in Tandag City. Another 139 cases were reported at Marihatag District Hospital, 101 from LGU Cagwait, 38 from LGU Marihatag, & 21 cases at Lianga District Hospital from Cagwait & Marihatag. No casualty was reported, as of this time.

The food poisoning events have been linked to suspected durian and mangosteen candies labeled as “Wendy’s” Delicious candies. Students have exhibited symptoms of vomiting and stomach ache.

In Tandag City, officials report 7 suspects were already arrested, 5 in Cagwait while 2 in Tandag City for selling the tainted candies.

Administrative officer Marcelinita Pareja told the media, “I was just overwhelmed, shocked maybe of the number of victims of food poisoning.”

Durian fruit is a thorn covered fruit common in Asia. It is most notable for its revolting odor.