Health officials with the Misamis Oriental Provincial Health Office in Northern Mindanao, Philippines report that a gastrointestinal illness outbreak, or “diarrhea outbreak” was declared in Medina on June 29 has resulted in two fatalities as of yesterday.

Image/CIA cropped
Image/CIA cropped

On July 7, health officials reported some 400 cases, which ballooned to 600 on Saturday. Two adult patients died due to apparent dehydration.

Authorities say the source of drinking water found to be contaminated with coliform bacteria from animals and human waste.

Dr. Maria Alma Enriquez, a physician in the area said the Medina Rural Water Works Sanitation Cooperative (Merwasco) is currently undergoing flashing of the pipelines and chlorination in response to the outbreak.

She also advised people to first boil the tap water before drinking it.

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