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Philippines health officials are gearing up for a Omicron wave, like many other countries have or are going through. Department of Health (DOH) Undersecretary Leopoldo Vega reports an increase in cases with more than 4,000 new COVID-19 daily cases, including 4,600 logged on Sunday.

Image by Alexandra_Koch from Pixabay

Less than two weeks ago, the Philippines recorded 168 new cases in one day, a single day low.

Vega said the Philippines has been experiencing a “steady increase” in terms of the Omicron just like what happened across South Africa and Europe. “Our numbers have doubled and this is the start and we are very sure that this will peak. When it will crest down and decelerate, we don’t know. But what is very important is that we are prepared for this omicron virus,” he said.

On Friday, the DOH reported the detection of local cases of Omicron in the Bicol Region and the National Capital Region. The epidemiological investigation on the 3 local cases indicates there is a high possibility of local transmission.

Health Secretary and IATF Chairman Francisco T. Duque III said, “We also have to keep our healthcare utilization at a manageable level. We can do this by working together to prevent the transmission of COVID-19. All eligible individuals should get vaccinated or boosted as soon as possible. We can also use surgical masks, double masking, or complementing cloth masks with a face shield. We urge those who are showing symptoms of COVID-19 to isolate, get tested, and finish the prescribed duration. Lastly, if we can, let us do home isolation supported by regular teleconsultation”.