Image/ via wikimedia commons
Image/ via wikimedia commons

Northwest of Manila in the Philippine province of Pampanga, health officials have declared the province malaria-free.

“Pampanga is now included among the provinces in the country without any case of this kind of illness,” DOH Regional Director Cesar Cassion said Tuesday.

Nationally, the country has recorded a significant decline in cases in the past decade or so.


The DOH released a statement today concerning social media accounts of a meningococcemia outbreak in the country.

“There is no reported meningococcemia outbreak in the country. We are, however, investigating a suspected meningococcemia case in Valenzuela City of a two year old female who exhibited signs and symptoms of the disease. She was pronounced dead on arrival at the Valenzuela City Emergency Hospital.”

Meningococcemia is an infection caused by the Neisseria meningitidis bacteria, the same type of bacteria that can cause meningitis.

Two hundred cases of meningococcemia are being reported yearly, the DOH said.

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