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The Philippines Department of Health reported today on a fourth monkeypox case in the country. The case is a 25-year-old Filipino with no documented travel history to or from countries with confirmed cases of the disease.

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“The case is being cared for and is admitted in an isolation facility. Intensive case investigation and contact tracing is ongoing,” the DOH said.

To date, about 14 close contacts of the fourth case have been identified.

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The three previous cases had a travel history–the first case is a 31-year-old Filipino national who arrived from abroad last July 19. He recovered and was discharged from isolation on August 6.

The second and third cases are a 34-year-old Filipino national and a 29-year-old Filipino national, both who had recent travel to countries with documented confirmed cases of Monkeypox.

The second and third cases are still in home isolation and are in stable condition.