By Teddy Cambosa

The National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP), a privately-owned electric utility company, is appealing to the national government to allow private companies procure and purchase their own stock of COVID-19 vaccines for the sake of their employees.


In an online statement, NGCP President and CEO Anthony Almeda further elaborated that lawmakers should pass a law that allows the private sector to provide vaccination to its employees.

“Vaccination, as well as mass testing, is focally critical in the fight against COVID-19. We need to prevent, detect, isolate, and treat. We need to jumpstart the economy now, but we need to ensure that we stack the odds against infections in the workplace,” Almeda stated.

He later added, “With a vaccination program in place for the private sector, more businesses and industries will be able to regain some semblance of normal activity, bounce back, and put the economy on its way to recovery after almost a year of slow down.”

The company, with its 5,000 current workforce, is currently assessing the vaccine rollout across multiple countries. According to them, the vaccine distribution will also include essential personnel composed of grid dispatchers and transmission line personnel.

Teddy Cambosa is a graduating BS Biology student and a former campus journalist at Batangas State University. He is also currently writing for MARKETECH APAC, a small APAC-focused marketing news site.

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