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In a follow-up on a report two weeks ago, on August 29, in the Itasy region, Arivonimamo health district, an alert was received by the health authorities regarding cases of pulmonary plague.

This anteroposterior x-ray reveals a bilaterally progressive plague infection involving both lung fields

As of September 16, a total of 38 suspected cases of pulmonary plague including 19 confirmed and 6 death cases (CFR= 15.8%) are reported so far.

Active case finding, chemo prophylaxis for high-risk contacts of alive and death cases are ongoing; regular meetings of the plague control committees at reginal and health district level; mass sensitization activities; contact tracing; Ongoing investigation as well as vector and anti-reservoir control measures , are also ongoing.

Pneumonic plague is the most serious form and is the only form that can be spread from person to person. Pneumonic plague can develop from inhaling infectious droplets or may develop from untreated bubonic or septicemic plague.

Individuals with pneumonic plague develop fever, headache, weakness, and a rapidly developing pneumonia with shortness of breath, chest pain, and sometimes watery or bloody mucous.