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H5N1 avian influenza in cats

In an update on the H5N1 avian influenza situation in cats in Poland, as of 13 July 2023, 24 cats and a caracal have tested positive according to the information provided by the Polish authorities. These animals originate from a range of the cities, including Gdańsk, Gdynia, Pruszcz Gdański, Lublin, Bydgoszcz, Warsaw, Poznań, Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki, Wrocław, Rzeszów County, and the vicinity of Zamość.

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As noted above, avian influenza A(H5N1) was reported to have been detected in a dead domesticated caracal bred in Elbląg county, Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship. The caracal was tested after its death and, according to unofficial information, it could possibly have come into contact with birds. This is the first case in Elbląg county. The second case of avian influenza in Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship is in a domestic cat in Iława county.

The Polish authorities are following up people who have had contact with infected cats. To date, no human cases have been reported in Poland.

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Newcastle disease in slaughter hens

The Chief Veterinary Officer informs that based on the results of laboratory tests received on July 11, 2023 from the National Veterinary Institute – National Research Institute in Puławy, an outbreak of Newcastle disease was found in slaughter hens.

The outbreak was confirmed in the Białystok poviat, on a commercial farm keeping 43,410 hens for slaughter.

Actions have been taken in the outbreak to eradicate infected birds and all necessary disease control measures have been implemented, including the introduction of restricted areas (3 and 10 km) resulting from the current legal provisions, including Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2020/687 of 17 December 2019 supplementing Regulation (EU) 2016/429 of the European Parliament and of the Council as regards rules for the prevention and control of certain listed diseases.


African swine fever (ASF)

The Chief Veterinary Officer informs about the designation of the 11th and 12th outbreak of ASF in pigs in Poland in 2023.

The ASF outbreak No. 2023/11 (primary outbreak) was established on July 7, 2023 on a farm where a total of 38 pigs were kept, located in Stary Podoś, Płoniawy-Bramura commune, Makowski poviat in Mazowieckie Voivodeship, a restricted area listed in Part I of Annex I to Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2023/594.

The ASF outbreak No. 2023/12 (primary outbreak) was designated on July 11, 2023 on a farm where a total of 8 pigs were kept, located in Cichostów Kolonia, Milanów commune, Parczew poviat in Lubelskie Voivodeship. The farm is located in a restricted area listed in Part III of Annex I to Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2023/594.

On farms where ASF outbreaks have been detected, the Veterinary Inspection implements all measures related to the eradication of the disease, in accordance with the procedures resulting from Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2020/687, including killing and disposal of pigs, cleaning and disinfection, designation of protection and risk areas.

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