On this weekends Outbreak News This Week Radio show, I spend the first half talking to World Health Organization (WHO) spokesperson for polio eradication, Oliver Rosenbauer. During the interview, Mr Rosenbauer discusses some history on polio, including the introduction of the vaccine, the different vaccines and the purposes and differences and the situation and difficulties as we get closer to eradication in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Poliovirus Image/CDC
Poliovirus Image/CDC

During the second half, I look at several quite unusual news stories and studies- from rhinosporidiosis to sweat bees in the eye to a little girl with a sand flea infestation acquired running through a pigsty with no shoes on.

I also look at some parasite news from Canada, which includes a report of a toxoplasmosis outbreak linked to deer meat and Echinococcus in southern Ontario.

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Show notes: 

Rhinosporidiosis-New England Journal of Medicine

Tungiasis-New England Journal of Medicine

Doctors find four bees inside woman’s eye where they were drinking her tears

Potentially Deadly Tapeworm More Widespread in Ontario Than Thought, U of G Research Finds