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In a follow-up on the monkeypox situation in Portugal, The Directorate-General for Health (DGS) informs that nine more cases of human infection by the Monkeypox virus have been confirmed in Portugal, with 23 confirmed cases so far. Results are awaited for other samples.


The new cases were confirmed by the National Institute of Health Doctor Ricardo Jorge (INSA), this Thursday, the 19th, at the end of the day. Among the available samples, the clade (subgroup of the virus) from West Africa, which is the least aggressive, was identified yesterday through sequencing.

The identified cases remain under clinical follow-up, and are stable and on an outpatient basis. Epidemiological investigations of suspected cases that are being detected are ongoing, with the aim of identifying transmission chains and potential new cases and their respective contacts.

Individuals with ulcerative lesions, rash, palpable lymph nodes, possibly accompanied by fever, chills, headache, muscle pain and tiredness, should seek medical advice.

Measures to be implemented in case of suspicious symptoms are reinforced, and individuals must refrain from direct physical contact with other people and from sharing clothing, towels, sheets and personal objects while skin lesions are present, at any stage, or other symptoms.