By NewsDesk  @infectiousdiseasenews

Portugal already has 46% of the population with the first dose of the vaccine against COVID-19, according to the vaccination report released today by the General Directorate of Health (DGS).

Image by Wilfried Pohnke from Pixabay

According to the document, for the period between the 14th and 21st of this month, 4,688,551 people (46% of the population) are vaccinated with the first dose, which corresponds to an increase of 338,623 people compared to the previous week.

The same report indicates that there are already 2,947,718 people with full vaccination (29%), 381,498 more compared to last week.

By age group, 98% (659,804) of people aged 80 and over received the first dose and 93% (629,211) the second. With the first dose, 96% (1,543,716) of the population aged between 65 and 79 are vaccinated and, with the second, 59% (945,894).

In the population group between 50 and 64 years, 73% started vaccination (1,575,758) and the process is completed in 43% (918,951).

Between 25 and 49 years, 26% (861,058) received the first dose and 13% (420,176) the second.

Already have the first dose of the vaccine 6% of people between 18 and 24 years (45,925) and 4% (32,669) have both.

The weekly vaccination report indicates that, since December 27, 2020, mainland Portugal has received 8,604,606 doses, of which 7,566,600 have been distributed.