On Friday, Puerto Rico  Secretary of the Department of Health, Ana Ríus Armendariz, updated the public on the latest data on the Zika virus outbreak on the island (computer translated). She announced the confirmation of 149 new cases, bringing the total to 1,501, among them, 14 pregnant women for a total of 182 hospitalizations and 6 for a total of 40.

Aedes albopictus/FotoshopTofs
Aedes albopictus/FotoshopTofs

“It is imperative to continue to bring the message of prevention. We have to deal to take the measures necessary to protect us. Everyone who having two or more associated symptoms of Zika virus, as can be rash, fever, joint pain and conjunctivitis without secretion, you should go your doctor and ask that he do the test to detect if indeed has the virus, “said Ríus Armendariz.

This comes as Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Director, Dr Thomas Frieden arrived in Puerto Rico for a closed door meeting with Gov. Alejandro Garcia Padilla. It is his second visit to the island in recent months. 

The Department of Health in conjunction with the State Agency of Emergency Management continues to make efforts to educate the population concerning the prevention of Zika virus. “The use of repellent is vital, dress with long sleeves and pants, use of fabrics metal doors and windows and seal the packages or containers may accumulate water around your home are important steps to take to avoid mosquito breeding, “stressed the Minister of Health.