With the addition of 1145 new confirmed locally acquired Zika virus cases during the past week, health officials in Puerto Rico now put the island’s tally at 5582 cases since the arrival of the virus to the island in Dec. 2015 (computer translated).

Aedes albopictus/FotoshopTofs
Aedes albopictus/FotoshopTofs

Secretary of the Department of Health, Ana Ríus Armendariz also notes of the total, 119 additional cases were reported in pregnant women for a total of 672, 10 hospitalizations for a total of 65 and 2 cases of Guillain Barré syndrome (GBS) for a total of 21.

In the US Virgin Islands, the Department of Health (DOH) reported nine additional Zika virus cases in the territory, bringing the total to 56 confirmed cases.

18 cases have been reported on St. Croix and 38 on St. Thomas.

Out of the nearly 800 pregnant women that have been tested for Zika, nine cases are presumptive positive.

Michelle Davis, PhD, Commissioner  of the DOH said, “Based on current research, greater than 90 percent of pregnant women who test positive for Zika will deliver an infant free from the development of microcephaly.”

The DOH is scheduled to host a Public forum on Zika at the University of the Virgin Islands on July 26.