In a follow-up on the norovirus outbreak reported at the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics, Korean health authorities are reporting 21 confirmed cases of norovirus infection according to a health department release Wednesday.


According to the POCOG (Committee President Lee Hee Beom), Korean CDC, MFDA, and the PyeongChang County Health Center are currently conducting a joint epidemiological investigation at the Horeb Odaesan Youth Center. As of Tuesday, February 6th, they have interviewed 1,025 individuals at the center and obtained samples for further testing.

The 21 confirmed cases are in good condition and currently quarantined within the center. Other residents have been isolated as necessary based on their symptoms, and further steps will be taken once their test results have been received.

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Suspected sources of infection include cooking with ground water, contaminated food handlers and consumption of contaminated food products. The MFDA and the Ministry of Environment conducted an initial investigation of the water at the youth center over the course of five days, and tests came back negative for norovirus.

In addition, three International Olympic Committee (IOC) officials have contracted norovirus. They received proper treatment and are currently under self-quarantine at home. Epidemiological investigations are currently underway to determine possible routes of transmission and contacts.