The Colombian Agricultural Institute (ICA) confirmed seven cases of rabies in bovine and equine animals in Urrao, Southwest Antioquia.


This prompted the Ministry of Health to declare a departmental epidemiological alert  due to the fact that some bulls, cows and horses infected with the virus have attacked other animals, according to a RCN Radio report (computer translated).

“These facts oblige the departmental agency to declare the epidemiological alert for rabies in Antioquia, municipality of Urrao, which requires intensifying actions to promote health, advance comprehensive risk management, implement public health actions of these outbreaks and follow-up and epidemiological surveillance of the behavior of the disease.

The plan of action includes, among other interventions, the implementation of the contingency plan and assistance to indigenous and Afro-descendant communities ; establish the strategy and have the network of care for people who may be affected by bites or scratches and ensure timely and appropriate medical treatment; raise the census of dogs and cats and proceed with their vaccination.

The indigenous reservations Valle de Pérdida, Majoré and Andabú , as well as the Afrodescendant  Mandé , have been in contact with the infected animals. The outbreak of rabies is of wild origin transmitted by bats.

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The Government of Antioquia sent a commission of nine health experts to Urrao , to prevent humans from becoming infected.