By NewsDesk  @infectiousdiseasenews

The city government of Toyohashi, in Aichi Prefecture, Japan reported (computer translated) a imported human case of rabies. This is the first such case in Japan since 2006.

Image/Robert Herriman

Officials say the patient contracted the viral infection while in the Philippines where they were bitten by a dog on the left ankle last September (officials did not disclose the gender or nationality of the patient).

The patient came to Japan from the Philippines in mid-February and presented  with pain in the ankle on May 11. As the days went on, additional symptoms like vomiting and hydrophobia were described.

On May 18, the patient was taken to the hospital in Toyohashi and was admitted to the ICU. A sample was collected and sent to the National Institute of Infectious Diseases and on Friday the laboratory reported, “Rabies virus gene was detected as a result of PCR test. In addition, the nucleotide sequence was determined and the homology with the virus sequence prevalent in the Philippines is very high”.

According to interviews with people around the person, there is no history of contact with animals after entering Japan. The patient is in serious condition.

Since 1957, there has been no infected with rabies in Japan; however, in 2006, two men contracted rabies in the Philippines and died upon return to Japan.