The Hawke’s Bay District Health Board announced today that health care providers  are beginning to see cases of suspected Reactive Arthritis, from the campylobacter infection. Reactive arthritis is painful but usually responds well to anti-inflammatories and treatment from a GP. To date GPs and pharmacies have reported eight cases.

Campylobacter Image/CDC

In addition, they reported on the second death, in a woman in her 90s, who had campylobacter infection. It is reported the death is from an unrelated medical condition. The woman who was from Havelock North was admitted to Hawke’s Bay Hospital during the campylobacter outbreak. The Coroner is not taking jurisdiction over the case as there is no direct causal link to campylobacter.

The number of cases of campylobacter is now 604 including both confirmed and probable. The latest household telephone survey conducted on 22 August indicates that more than 4,700 people, approximately one third of the 14,000 residents of Havelock North, have been affected by the outbreak.

The boil water notice remains in place for Havelock North only. The advice is to boil water for one minute.