By NewsDesk  @bactiman63

The French Public Health Unit in the region, ARS is reporting that the department of Réunion Island, located in the Indian Ocean, has recorded 16,055 cases indigenous confirmed dengue fever cases in 2020 through Dec. 15.


Officials say 782 hospitalizations were attributed to dengue, including 22 deaths (including 11 directly related to dengue).

In 2019, Réunion saw more than 18,000 confirmed locally acquired cases.

During the latest reportable week ending Dec. 12, officials saw cases from seven towns– Small island, Saint Joseph, St Denis, Saint Andrew, The Port, Saint Pierre and  St.Paul.

In addition, groupings of cases have been identified in the West region: Saint Paul (Hermitage) and The Port (Cotur Subdivision and Oasis Park).

On July 10, 2018, the prefect of Reunion raised the level of the specific Organisation de la Réponse de SÉcurité Civile (ORSEC) system for the fight against arboviruses, from level 3 “low intensity epidemic” to the level 4 “medium-intensity epidemic”.