An additional non-travel related case has been identified inside the one-square mile area in Miami-Dade County, bringing the total cases to 16. This individual was tested as one of the 26 close contacts around the two original cases. This case is considered probable and has been sent to CDC for confirmatory testing, along with the three other probable cases.


The health department still believes active transmission is only taking place within the identified one-square mile area in Miami-Dade County. There are no active investigations in Broward County and no areas of active transmission in Broward County.

Florida Governor Rick Scott talked about the failure of Washington today concerning the Zika “crisis” and the proposed funding, “The president and Congress have to figure out how to work together”, he said.

“I have to work with my legislature if I want to get anything done. This is a national, international issue — and I think the federal government has failed us.”

In addition to the new non-travel associated case reported today, 13 new travel-related cases today with five in Orange County, three in Seminole County, two in Brevard County, two in Palm Beach County and one in St. Lucie County.