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The Rwandan government says 154 cows have died of Rift Valley Fever (RVF) since the confirmation of the outbreak early in June.

Rwanda Image/CIA

In a RVF situation update issued on Friday, the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources said the outbreak in the east in now under control following a countrywide vaccination program.

The government said 257 900 cattle have been vaccinated against the disease since June. An estimated 316,445 cows were treated with ParmaPy Plus, a locally made drug that kills the ticks, flies and mosquitoes which transmit RVF.

Following the success of the emergency disease control measures adopted in June, the Ministry of Agriculture has lifted its ban on the movement of cattle and meat products in an out of the Eastern Province.

The ban was imposed soon after the confirmation of the outbreak June 8. The Rwanda Agricultural Board (RAB) has since advised cattle farmers to adhere to the vaccination calendar, observe basic animal hygiene standards and seek early treatment for sick animals.