In an update on the Rift Valley fever (RVF) situation in Mayotte, health officials report 114 human cases have been reported since November 2018.

Rift Valley feverSince the beginning of the health alert, human cases have remained mainly in the center and north-west of the island.

The disease is usually manifested by an influenza-like illness: high fever (39 °), muscle and / or joint pain, severe headache, tiredness. In the vast majority of cases, healing occurs within a few days.

It is recommended to consult a doctor as soon as the signs appear so that the samples in search of the disease are made.

In addition, samples taken by veterinarians on sick animals or during abortions have identified 84 outbreaks of sick animals (including 69 cattle). The animal foci are mainly located in the center and north-west of the island but some animal foci have been found in the commune of Mamoudzou.

Breeders are required to report promptly to veterinarians any abortions or stillbirths occurring in their animals or sick animals in order to take samples in search of the disease.

An order prohibiting the marketing of untreated milk has been in force since 27/02/2019.

A decree prohibiting the export of live animals, raw meat and milk produced by the ruminant farms of the country has been in force since 20/03/2019.