The Romania Ministry of Health reported (computer translated) an additional 19 meningitis / meningo-encephalitis with West Nile virus (WNV) have been confirmed in the past week, bringing the total cases for the year to 215.

Image/Robert Herriman
Image/Robert Herriman

The new cases were reported in Bucharest (5), Iasi County (3), two cases each in Bacău, Bihor and Dolj counties and one case in Caraş Severin, Prahova, Galati, Vaslui and Suceava.

According to the ministry, of the 215 human cases, 25 deaths (nearly 12 percent) have been reported in patients with co-morbidity. 28 percent of the fatalities have been reported in Bucharest.

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In Europe this year to date, 1,134 human cases and 115 deaths have been reported.