A 60-year-old man was admitted to a hospital on in Caracal in Romania last week with a confirmed case of anthrax, according to testing performed by the Olt County Public Health Department.

Romania Image/CIA

A report in the Romanian news source, Editie Speciala (computer translated) says, “The initial results of laboratory analyses issued by the Olt County Public Health Department report that bacterial culture has been developed which has the characteristics of the anthrax bacillus. It is a 1st step towards a positive diagnosis. We are waiting for test results from the Cantacuzino Institute of Bucharest. From the clinical point of view it is anthrax. It should be noted that the condition of the patient is good. He has responded very well to treatment with penicillin,” declared Mihnea Tuta, medical director of the Municipal Hospital of Caracal.

In addition, a 65-year-old man, who together with the above patient, slaughtered a sick goat, which may be the source of anthrax, is showing signs of the bacterial disease.

Unrelated, a 50-year-old woman was admitted to hospital in Pitesti for possible anthrax also from contact with a dead goat. She is under surveillance.

Anthrax is a serious infectious disease caused by gram-positive, rod-shaped bacteria known as Bacillus anthracis. Anthrax can be found naturally in soil and commonly affects domestic and wild animals around the world. Although it is rare, people can get sick with anthrax if they come in contact with infected animals or contaminated animal products. For more infectious disease news and information, visit and “like” the Infectious Disease News Facebook page