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Case count

In an update on the global COVID-19 pandemic, the Russia Ministry of Health has reported that the country’s total confirmed case count has topped a half million, the third most in the world.

Through Thursday, 502,436 total cases have been reported, including 6,532 deaths. Officials report that more than half have recovered (261,150).

The city of Moscow continues to report the most cases with 201,221, followed by Moscow region (47,181), St. Petersburg (19,769) and Nizhny Novgorod Region (13,341).


Nearly two weeks ago, the antiviral drug, Avifavir received a temporary registration certificate from the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation for the treatment of COVID-19.

On Saturday, officials registered a second drug for treatment– Levilimab (trade name Ilsira ).

The drug is indicated for patients with a severe course of the disease, when the so-called cytokine storm develops – an excessive inflammatory reaction of the body to the introduction of the virus, which leads to damage to tissues and organs, in particular, lung tissue, to a severe course of infection with a possible fatal outcome. Prevention of the development of a cytokine storm is critical in the treatment of COVID-19.