By NewsDesk  @infectiousdiseasenews

In a follow-up on the COVID-19 outbreak in Russia, the health ministry reports as of May 2, 2020, 124,054 cases of new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) and 1,222 deaths as a result of the disease were registered in Russia. 15,013 people were discharged for recovery.

For the day of May 1, 2020, the country again registered the largest number of new cases of the disease for the entire period of the epidemic – 9,623.

the city of Moscow has reported more than 62,000 cases.

The data indicate that the virus continues to spread actively and a high probability of infection remains.

Deputy Director of the Scientific and Research Center for Phthisiopulmonology and Infectious Diseases of the Ministry of Health of Russia Vladimir Chulanov indicates that the increase in the number of new cases of the disease may be a result of a violation of the self-isolation regime.

“Currently, the main and most effective measure to prevent the further spread of a new coronavirus infection is strict adherence to a self-isolation regime,” said Vladimir Chulanov.

Recall that at present there is no reason to believe that the situation has stabilized and security rules can be neglected. Therefore, compliance with the regime of self-isolation and solidarity with the measures taken by the state remain the most important factors in the fight against the epidemic.