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Russian media reports (computer translated) 87 children were hospitalized in the Krasnodar Territory hospitals, who were poisoned on the Murmansk-Adler train.


“87 children who were poisoned on the Murmansk-Adler train are being treated in the hospitals of the Kuban. As of August 8, there are 67 minors in Tuapse CRH # 1 with intestinal infection, in Apsheronskaya – 12, in Belorechenskaya – 8. Doctors assess the condition of children as mild and moderate”.

A  criminal case was opened on the fact of poisoning the children. The employee of the restaurant car, where the children ate before the poisoning, was  suspended  from work.

Noroviruses, together with rotaviruses, are the main cause of intestinal infections in children. Noroviruses are very contagious, so the entry of this virus into the children’s collective very often leads to the rapid spread of intestinal infection among children.

The first symptoms of the disease appear 24-48 hours after infection. It can be a single, but more often multiple vomiting, diarrhea, severe nausea, fever. Norovirus most commonly causes diarrhea and severe vomiting, but sometimes only vomiting can occur. Digestive system disorders can be accompanied by muscle aches, headaches, and weakness. Usually, the symptoms of norovirus infection resolve on their own within 12-72 hours. After illness, the body develops immunity to the virus, but for a very short period, about eight weeks. After this period, a person can become infected with norovirus again and get sick.